St. Mary Orthodox Church Statement of WHY?

St. Mary welcomes those seeking holiness and salvation through a loving and nurturing spiritual family that manifests the presence of Christ on earth.

St. Mary Orthodox Christian Church Mission Statement

The Mission of St. Mary Orthodox Christian Church is to worship and honor God by living and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ through prayer, unconditional love, mercy and service to others.

St. Mary Orthodox Church Vision Statement

The Vision of St. Mary Orthodox Christian Church is to reflect the light of Christ as a welcoming community focused on:
•  worship
•  education
•  outreach
•  stewardship and
•  fellowship.

St. Mary Orthodox Church Core Values

•  Loving, welcoming and inclusive Orthodox Christian community
•  Worship
•  Faithfully practice and share the teachings of Christ and His church
•  Fiscal responsibility
•  Humility
•  Teamwork
•  Service to the community and the Parish

SWOT Analysis


•  Welcoming, loving familial parish community
•  Growing Parish and Sunday attendance
•  Improvement in retaining Parishioners
•  Continuity and longevity of clergy
•  Loving, caring compassionate clergy
•  Continuity of timeless Orthodoxy and traditions
•  Strong history of generational members
•  Facilities
•  Welcoming of diverse ethnic heritage and traditions
•  Ministry teams
•  Diversity of viewpoints within a unity of faith
•  Willingness to engage in community outreach and other ministries
•  Diverse education and fellowship opportunities for all ages
•  Improving financial stewardship base


•  Lack of engagement in ministries
•  Lack of number of leaders and leadership training and culture of leadership development
•  Insufficient Outreach within the Parish community and to visitors
•  Insufficient financial stewardship and tithing and overdependence on fundraising events
•  Specific facilities improvements and additional parking
•  Need for greater spiritual growth and engagement, and participation in church services
•  Communications, transparency and inclusiveness
•  Youth retention and engagement and growing youth ministries


•  Engagement and participation in existing Wichita community events and programs
•  Need in our community for traditional Christianity
•  Serving the needs of our neighborhood and the people in need


•  Secularism
•  Cultural changes, including lowering moral standards, religious apathy, changing family dynamics and emphasis on instant gratification and self centeredness,
•  Lack of knowledge of Orthodoxy


Education Goal 1.1

Orthodox Education Resources
Within 15 months, we will create and implement comprehensive Orthodox Education Programs and Materials for life-long learning through the most effective channels.

Education Goal 1.2

Orthodox Leadership Program
Within 10 months, we will make available Orthodox Leadership Training programs for our parish, ministry leaders and youth, focusing on increasing the number and effectiveness of leaders and leadership succession.

Ministry and Worship Goal 2.1

Within 25 months, we will develop and implement a process to more fully engage our parishioners in worship

Ministry and Worship Goal 2.2

Within 18 months we will assess our ministries and create a Council of Ministries to identify, develop and grow existing and new ministries

Outreach and Fellowship Goal 3.1

Within 14 months, we will establish and implement a Small Groups Ministry program where parishioners gather together to grow personally and spiritually and strengthen their relationships, discipleship, and leadership.

Outreach and Fellowship Goal 3.2

Within 17 months, we will develop and implement a comprehensive welcoming, outreach and engagement experience.

Stewardship and Communications Goal 4.1 - Comprehensive Stewardship Program

Within 12 months, we will develop and implement a comprehensive Stewardship Program for time, talents, and treasures, which will also allow us to cover our operating budget from financial stewardship contributions of parishioners within 3 years.

Stewardship and Communications Goal 4.2 - Planned Giving Program

Within 12 months, we will develop and implement a planned giving program for estate and legacy gifts.

Stewardship and Communications Goal Goal 4.3 - Comprehensive Communications Platform

Within 18 months, we will develop and implement an effective comprehensive communication strategy and platform to better reach and serve our parishioners and share Orthodox Christianity.

Youth and Young Adults Goal 5.1

Comprehensive Youth and Young Adults Programs
Within 16 month, we will create and implement comprehensive, separate programs that focus on increasing spiritual and intellectual engagement, fellowship and service among:
a. pre-teens
b. teens
c. young adults.

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